Schedule for the 2022 Babel Conference

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Hyperlinks are to the presentations/chats we have.

10:45 AM ET - 3:45 PM GMT

     Chat 1: Opening & Welcome (Amanda Rose)

11 AM ET - 4 PM GMT

     Presentation Room 1: Real or Not Real: Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex Believably (Beth) (ODT Presentation)

     Presentation Room 2: Reconsidering Sim Ratings and the Popular RPG Rating System* (Amanda Rose)

          *Explicit Language Warning

12 PM ET - 5 PM GMT

     Chat 1: Discord Simming 101 (Rockstar)

     Chat 2:  Getting Short Fiction Published. Learn How A Writer Goes About Getting A Short Story Published. How to Find Markets, What "First Rights" Mean, and Why It's Hard. (Sprite)

1 PM ET - 6 PM GMT

     Presentation Room 1: Show Don't Tell (Beth)

     Presentation Room 2: Putting the Devil In the Details: Elevating A Character's Personality Through Their Hobbies & Interests (StarDuster)

2 PM ET - 7 PM GMT

     Presentation Room 1: How to Play Realistic Starfleet Marines (Equisrider)

     Presentation Room 2: Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life/Simming Balance (Amanda Rose)

3 PM ET - 8 PM GMT

     Presentation Room 1: Creating Website Banners for Stock Nova Skins (Bear Waifu)

     Presentation Room 2: The Live Sim Format: What Hosting/Playing A Live Sim Is Like & Its Benefits And Challenges (Tekanan, et al)

4 PM ET - 9 PM GMT

     Chat 1: Playing to the Strengths of A Science Officer (Kathryn Burke)

     Presentation Room 1: Confessions of A New Simmer (Mike)

5 PM ET - 10 PM GMT

     Chat 1: Using the "Sandbox Method" for Story Development (Kathryn Burke)

     Presentation 1: Playing A Starfleet Engineer (Willvoy)

          Chat accompanying the presentation.

6 PM ET - 11 PM GMT

     Chat 1: Closing and Thanks

Fruit Loop is ill and will not be giving her presentation this year. We wish her a speedy recovery.

NOTE: If you're doing a presentation for Babel, we would like the text of your chat and an outline if you're doing a voice presentation. These will be put on the website for people who were unable to attend to read.

The schedule is subject to change. We will open up more rooms as need arises.

Do you have something you want to present?

Contact us! We'd love to add you to the schedule!

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